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If you are hoping to adopt one of our puppies please read the FAQ's below.  

All of our puppies who are available for adoption will be listed on

Savourlife Adopt A Dog Website.

For all adoption enquiries please email or call 0477 042 147

For just $5 a week you can help us to continue to provide much needed care for our cleft palate puppies. You can set up regular monthly donations via the Paypal button below. All donations over $2 are tax deductible!

I'm interested in adopting. How do I contact you?

As a first point of contact regarding adoptions, please refrain from telephoning and inboxing us. Our telephone and message line needs to be open and available at all times for any urgent cleft puppies that need to come into our care. When we get the call or message it is literally all steam ahead and get ready to go, go, go at the drop of a hat! No exaggeration! Their lives are that fragile and that important to us- they rely on US. Also our carers are a 3 man team, we rotate the puppies between us, work at our own jobs, have families, have several pets of our own all while trying to run our households

Do You Sell Puppies?

We do not have puppies ‘for sale’ we chose the puppies forever home through a standard adoption process

All available puppies will be listed on the Adopt A Dog Website

Please take the time to visit the Adopt A Dog website often to see what puppies are uploaded. We put them up at any given time, and don’t always mention it on our Social media platforms

The puppy I'm interested in adopting is not on the website?

If the puppy you are interested in, is not on the website, there is a reason be it too young or not well, please be patient and keep checking until they are. Inboxing us will not give you a date that they will be available

The puppy I am interested in is on the Adopt A Dog website but its says 'On Hold'. What does this mean?

If the puppy you are interested in is on hold this means we have a lot of applications and are going through them.

Worming, Vaccinations, Microchips and Desexing

All of our puppies come wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and desexing is mandatory.

At what age are the puppies ready for adoption?

We do not have a set age of which we decide to upload the puppies adoption profiles. Every puppy is an individual with their own needs. With that being said when we as their guardians feel that they are strong, and have recovered from their surgery, and are confident that they are headed down a healthy road, we will then upload their adoption advert.

Is there an adoption fee?

Each puppy’s adoption fee ranges from $1,800 to $2200 which covers the cost of their cleft repair. We do not profit from this at all - do not apply if you are hoping to get a cheap puppy

What is your process for selecting a puppies forever home?

Each puppy will have their adoption profile up for a week or two on the Adopt a Dog Website, until we have received enough suitable applications. We will then narrow it down to a select few and as a committee decide which home will suit that puppy the most (This process is done after the cleft surgery).

We will then email or telephone the successful applicant. If for some reason their situation has changed and can no longer adopt the puppy we will then contact the next most suitable home.

Once the adoption contact has been made we will update our social media accounts advising that the puppy in question has found their forever home. We wish we had the time to individually call or email each person who applied, but the reality is we don’t. Just know that we are always overwhelmed with the love given in all of your applications.

If I have already completed an adoption form for one pup do I need to complete another one?

Yes. If you are not successful in adopting a particular puppy, and decide to apply for another one we do require a new form to be completed.

I live outside of Western Australia can I still adopt?

Our puppies are only available for adoption within Western Australia

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